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International Cargo Shipping Services
World Freight Solutions is your goto partner for premier logistics solutions in Australia. Our office is situated in the centre of Melbourne. With than more 50 years of extensive experience, we have honed our ability to provide a wide variety of logistical solutions that satisfy our customers’ requirements. Our dedication to quality is shown by our exceptional customer service. We are accessible 24/7 to guarantee that your shipments are handled with care and effectiveness. World Freight Solutions Recognise the value of accountability as well as transparency. This is why we offer online tracking services. With this option you can always keep an eye on your shipments with real-time visibility.

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International Sea Freight Forwarding Services

International Sea Freight Forwarding Services

Our sea freight services maximize the efficiency of your supply chain as well as streamlining your logistics operations. With our solutions you can simplify your requirements for international shipping.
International Air Freight Forwarding Services

International Air Freight Forwarding Services

Our air freight services are your secret to success when it comes to efficiency. Our aim is to provide prompt and dependable service, whether we’re sending urgent cargo or the need to satisfy strict deadlines.
Import and Export Customs Clearance

Import and Export Customs Clearance

Sail through import and export processes seamlessly with our expert customs clearance services, ensuring compliance and hassle-free shipping for your international trade endeavours.
Transport Logistics Solutions

Transport Logistics Solutions

Experience seamless transport management solutions worldwide with our versatile agency network across the globe. We ensure swift as well as dependable cargo transportation worldwide.
Warehousing and Shipping for Ecommerce

Warehousing and Shipping for Ecommerce

Transform your online store with our expert warehousing and logistics services. We guarantee streamlined operations and timely deliveries for your e-commerce success.

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100% Satisfied customer

Our commitment ensures every client is satisfied with our services.

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Quality services affordable price

Access top-tier services without breaking the bank, maintaining excellence at competitive rates.

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Worldwide locations

Benefit from our worldwide presence, offering personalized service no matter where you operate.

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